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Arts and Letters

Cicely Maxwell | Chair

Bernadette Herbert | Co-Chair​

Internal Audit

Melzina Cannon | Chair


Angel Malone


Carmen Banks & Cecily Maxwell | Chair

Rosalyn Frierson-Smith | Co-Chair

​Hospitality and Courtesies 

Joanne Brown | Chair

Lalita Campbell | Co-Chair

Janice Maxwell | Co-Chair

Delta Academy 

Lesha Miller | Co-Chair

Tenika Chambers | Co-Chair

Delta Dears

Geraldine Parker | Chair

Doris Andrews | Co-Chair

Patricia Gold | Co-Chair

Heritage and Archives

Crissandra Elliott (Historian) | Chair

Priscilla Murrell | Co-Chair

Communication and Public Relations

Angelia Temoney | Chair

Effie Patricia Williams | Co-Chair

May Week

Celena Brown | Chair

Kellena Nelson | Co-Chair

Membership Services

Uvette Pope Rogers | Chair

Narkisha Schofield | Co-Chair

Mentors and Collgiate Advisory

Meniquenne Byrd | Chair


Lisa Wiley | Chair

Carketa Mickle Hampton | Co-Chair


Alfredia Boyd | Chair


Presidents Council

Helen Schumpert | Chair


Program Planning and Development / Project 13

Andedra Edwards | Chair

April Morgan | Co-Chair

E Belicia Ayers | Co-Chair

Policies and Procedures / Rules of Order

Rosalyn Frierson-Smith (Parliamentarian) | Chair


Rituals and Ceremonies /Properties

Helen Schumpert (Custodian) | Chair

Jacqueline Pendergrass | Co- Chair

Doris Greene | Co- Chair

Delta GEMS

Karen Johnson | Chair

Regina Duke | Co-Chair

Delta Dionysian

Evelyn Whitesides | Chair

Toniea James | Co-Chair


Trimeka Thomas | Chair

Elvionna White | Co-Chair

​Budget & Finance

Hope Rivers | Chair

Founders Day

Mary Ann Smith | Chair

Physical & Mental Health

Sara Gay | Chair

Andrea Williams | Co-Chair

Bendorris White | Co-Chair


Rosalyn Frierson-Smith


Internal Development

Hope Rivers | Chair

Caressa Louallen | Co-Chair

Latasha Crumpton | Co-Chair


Julaunder Davis


Bridget Blackwell | Chair

Katrina Singletary | Co-Chair

O'Tasha Morgan | Co-Chair

Social Action

Melissa Watson | Chair 

Tameika Devine | Co-Chair

Cierra Parnell | Co-Chair


Paulette Salley | Chair

Carla Brown | Co-Chair

International Awareness & Involvement

Sheryl Dunning |

Emergency Response

Toniea James | Chair

Jennifer McGriff | Co-Chair

Michelle Clay |Co- Chair

Risk Management

Brenda Branic | ​Chair

Protocol and Traditions

Julaunder Davis | Chair

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